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The Energy of the Soul. The Energy of the Monad. The Energy of the Logos. Perhaps access to Ascended masters and our past lives. As extension to the Taoist Orbits and the Kundalini Kriyas. In these ancient books the Moon sometimes represents the base chakra, just to put those who are not ready off the scent.

Without lie, certain and most true:. What is below is is like what is above, and what is above is like what is below, to accomplish the miracle of the One thing. In truth, and without Lie, And just as all things have been from the one, so also they are born from this one thing by adaptation. Its father is the sun father, its mother the earth The connection between the two, the holy spirit or ananda has borne it.

This one thing is the father of all things. Its power is perfect, after it has been united with the earth. In great measure, The Macrocosmic Orbit , The Energy Enhancement Supra Galactic Orbit , it ascends from earth to heaven, descends again toward earth, and receives the force, The Energies of External Chakras, of the things above and below.

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This is the force of all force, it will overcome everything subtle, and penetrate everything solid. In this trinity is the wisdom of the whole world. The tablet closes:. In the picture below we see the cauldron symbolising the round earth - with a sage holding the kundalini key inside of it - dissolving all the demon energy This meditation means that I am with my consciousness totally inside my body. There I can look for places where I can find pain.

Monday’s Prayer:

And than I can release this pain through my grounding cord to the middle of the earth. Here we are concerned not only with the amount of Energy, but also with the quality, the height of the vibration of the energy which alone determines the height of our Evolution. Energy Enhancement Synthesis of Light teaches 28 ancient and effective techniques to enable you to achieve control of your mind, an enhanced IQ, control over all your negative emotions, anger, fear, depression on the path of the ultimate Samadhi and enlightenment itself.

Energy Enhancement techniques have catapulted people years in their meditational experience in weeks. Some 5 years, some jump 10 times further!

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The arousing of Kundalini Energy which alone can supercharge the human bodies with Super Energy leading towards the removal of Energy Blockages and Illumination, EnLightenment requires the correct map. From time immemorial these Gurdjieffian legominism messages have been sent from the wise ones of the past to the wise ones of the present in the form of Symbols or Ritual Dogma which needs to be re-interpreted as the ancient map guided meditations they really are.

Thus in the giving of Energy, we require.. An element of High Energy Flux Density - in this case.. The Fusion power of the Sun representing the Chakras above the head. The Earth represents all the chakras beneath the base chakra also. The other element is the Sun - Surya, as the ceremony is done at Sunrise or Sunset. A Brahmin priest making offerings of ghee clarified butter into a sacred fire at Sunset or Dawn. It is mentioned in the Atharvaveda and described in detail in the Yajurveda Samhita and the Shatapatha Brahmana Modern versions of the Agnihotra are promoted by various individuals and groups as a non-sectarian ritual for the healing and purification of the atmosphere and as a primary source of vibhuti or sacred ash.

The resulting flame travels back towards the sun in the Gurdjieffian Reciprocal Maintenance action which supports the whole universe.

The result is the pure white purified ash of Vibuti from which all energy blockage Impurity Pain has been burnt. Contents 1 The Vedic Agnihotra 2 Performance and contemporary meaning of the Agnihotra simple interpretation for common understanding 3. Procedure 3. The Vedic Agnihotra. It finds earliest mention in the Atharva Veda BC , vi 97,1, source Monier Williams though pouring into the ritual fire was known as early as in the Rigveda c.

This preserves the sun over night, which is also one of the interpretations of the ritual given in the Samhitas and Brahmanas. The Vedic Agnihotra takes about 15 minutes in current performances. There is a simplied version of the Agnihotra in the Grihyasutras and in later post-Vedic texts. Performance and contemporary meaning of the Agnihotra simple interpretation for common understanding. It is now considered by some as the worship of the Lord Yajna Naarayana.

It is performed in the Vedic manner. Flowers and Tulsi leaves are offered to the Lord. Then the Lord Naraayana, with four hands, is meditated on.

Such dear hair is to be offered to the dearest Lord as a mark of intense love for the Lord. Removing hair is considered as an act of repentance that makes a person free from sins. Yajnas are for good. Let we exchange the Havih Objects offered to lord and phala the fruit in reward of the Havih. I am giving you Havih, you give me phala. As, in Gurdjieffian Reciprocal Maintenance energies are exchanged between Earth and the Sun within your own psychic body thus creating all the Auras of the Buddhafield. The circulation of the food or of the rainwater symbolises the Circulation of the Energies - The Reciprocal Maintenance of Gurdjieff.

There are several family institutions in India which follow and perform the above forms of "Agnihotra" and such persons are addressed as "Agnihotri". Agnihotra is regarded a process of purification of the atmosphere as a cumulative effect of various scientific and sonic principles harnessed to give rise to an unparalled purifying and healing phenomenon.

The benefits, both spiritual and mundane, that accrue to sacrificers is said to be enormous. The modern form of Agnihotra Homa is a simplified version, sometimes accompanied by daily nitya karmas duties such as Sandhyavandanam and Samidhadanam. It can also be a kAmyakarma optional obligation, not performed continuously as mentioned in Manu or Yagnavalkyasamhita.

Though the Agnihotra ritual was originally performed exclusively by upper caste married men, accompanied by their wife, the modern form it is open to both genders and all varnas and castes. The offerings consist of two pinchfuls of uncooked rice grains smeared with a few drops of cow's pure ghee clarified butter. The fire is prepared out of dried cowdung cakes in a small copper pot. First, one takes a small piece of the cow dung cake and place it at the bottom of the pyramid pot. Then starts arranging the other pieces of cow dung cakes around it neatly.

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Then put some cow ghee at one end of small cow dung piece,then light it with matchstick. The piece of cow dung is lighted with fire then put it in pyramid pot. If necessary, a hand-held fan can be used so that all the pieces are fully ablaze. Two pinchfuls of clean, unbroken rice grains raw are grasped on one's left palm or in a small dish. These rice grains are smeared with a few drops of cow's pure ghee, and then divided in two parts.

Concentrate on the fire till the offerings are fully burnt. The morning Agnihotra concludes here. In the evening before the Agnihotra time, remove very carefully the morning Agnihotra ash from the pot and put it in a bag or box specially kept aside for it. Repeating the morning process, prepare a fresh fire from the cowdung cakes in the pot. Also prepare two equal parts of the cow ghee smeared rice grains for the two offerings.


This concludes the evening Agnihotra. Prajapataye Swaaha, Prajapataye idam na mama! Prajapate Swaaha, Prajapataye idam na mama! One might suppose that the "Fires of Hades" is a Christian notion, but it actually has its roots in ancient Greek esoteric doctrine. However, there are many additional signposts to the Central Fire, for Empedocles teaches that the ultimate source of all Fire is Hades, and that the Central Fire is the source of all life, creation and destruction see "Hephaistos and Alchemy,".

They are the World that has been pulled over our Eyes.