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Hilliard Patterson Tweet. Also available as: E-Book.

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The Internet of Social Things is a trend which is seeing us becoming happier to share everyday objects socially through our smartphones. Bikes, umbrellas - nothing is safe August Smartlock The August Smartlock allows you to share access to your house with anyone you choose. Why leave your car in the driveway when it can be on the road making money for you? The Internet of Social Things What will happen next?

Would you prefer to make a pound a day for hiring out your hiking boots or have them sit there doing nothing? The technology is there to allow this to happen.

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TECH Trend 2. Hands Free Tinder Why waste time swiping when you can let your heart decide who is the right match for you on Tinder?

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Wearable Social What will happen next? We will see an exclusively wearable social network emerge, or the real shift will occur when the first affordable wearable goes mainstream. When that happens brands need to be ready for communicating in a new, more personal language. Trend 3. Social VR There has been a lot of buzz recently around virtual reality VR and its potential as a new hardware device and software platform. The technology, which immerses the user in a computer-generated or photo-real simulation of an environment, is slowly gaining momentum.

Users can meet up in a VR setting in the form of avatars to have conversations, share online content and play games. This Aussie immersive VR game lets players fight off zombies as a team in a 3D world.

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Social VR What will happen next? If they can crack how to get people to communicate socially whilst wearing a VR headset, then Social Virtual Reality will be a, erm, reality. Voyeurism 2. But once that novelty wore off, we started to look further afield. Young girls eating chicken seems to be driving most of the traffic. Check it out. Two people went for a date and both wore Google Glass.

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You can explore the date from both perspectives. The Watch Me Code website is a treasure trove of coders perfecting their art in front of your eyes. Brands will have to find a way to be warts and all, no matter how painful, because anything less will get overlooked and even outed for its phoniness.

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Trend 5. But Big Data is often misunderstood and misused. All Things Hair Unilever is the posterchild of this trend.

All Things Hair learns what hair-styling tips women search for on Google and forwards these queries to a team of video bloggers, who are paid by Unilever to create tutorials. Using this palette, Topshop offers matching items from their website. Big Social Data What will happen next? As brands start to develop products in near real time based on insights gathered from conversations on social, they will eventually have to change the way their businesses are set up.

Could a soft drinks brand release a new flavour within a week if that flavour started to gain social traction? Could we see vending machines that produced bespoke mixes and flavours on the spot, depending on what was being talked about on social? Conscious Community Western society is becoming more conscious of the effects of our actions on the world around us.

Online groups are forming around interests that actually do something good.

Documentary on AntiSocial Personality Disorder "Meet The Psychopaths" Part 1 of 5

SPCSunday was a week long community campaign that saved the hundred-year-old business from laying off its employees. Made in a Free World This is a community of people who are conscious of the fact that supply chains can, and often do, use slavery and child labour. MIAFW built the world's first software that locates and addresses these risks. Conscious Community What will happen next? Whisper claims to have 3. Photobomber Flashback Hoodie When someone takes a picture of you using flash while you are wearing this hoodie, your face will be obscured thanks to its reflective covering.

Anti-Social What will happen next?

Being Anti-Social

We are seeing a rise in Anti-Social experiences being viewed as luxury moments. Will social end up being the new smoking? The owl is a symbol of knowledge — and has been since the time of ancient Greece. These pull-out boxes include interesting bits of information that bring PhV to life, such as its history, relevant statistics and side-effects among famous people like Vincent van Gogh, the Dutch painter. In another image, we see the little girl using a magnifying glass to look at different sets of footprints. The last image in the book shows the wolf sitting on a seesaw, weighed down by books.

This highlights all the work, reports and data that have gone into PhV, and how these are helping to fight the risks of medicines. The team has received some fantastic feedback on the book.