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I hope it the cake turns out and that your Dad has a wonderful birthday! Let me know if you have any more questions. I can give you my text number via email if you need it. I ended up taking a chance and guessing on high altitude adjustments. I increased the almond flour by 1 tbsp, I decreased the erythitol by 1 tbsp, and finally increased the almond milk by 1 tbsp.

I baked it for 5 minutes on as in the recipe but only cooked it for 30 minutes at toothpicks came out clean. Just in case anybody else lives in high altitude just wanted to report what I did. My dad and I both loved it. Thanks for the great recipe! I hope your dad had a nice celebration.

Thank you for sharing your technique for high altitude baking and adjustments. Yes, making a layer cake by scratch is more work than boxes and containers of frosting. Luckily, the cake and pastry cream can be made in several days advance and the cake assembled the day before an event. Thank you again, for taking the time to comment and share your baking experience. Enjoy your day! Thank you for this recipe. Why do you cream an egg with the butter?

Hi Venus, great question.

assorted cake recipes heavenly recipes for cakes and icings book 2 Manual

Generally when butter and sugar are creamed together, the sugar melts a bit and the creaming creates thousands of little bubbles which help texture. I test recipes all different ways and I have found that this method creates a nice cake.

Can you replace the oat fiber for physillum husk? Hi Nancy. Try adding 2 more TBSP of coconut flour. The texture will be just a little different, but should be similar. Enjoy the cake. In the UK we use tbsp and tsp.

Crazy Cupcakes: One Easy Recipe with Endless Flavor Variations!

Thank you! Best wishes, Jessica. Also, do you think it would taste ok with plain whipped cream? And, what does stabilised cream mean? Thanks for your help. Hi Jessica.

Great questions, all! I just made that more clear in the ingredient list. In the U.

101 Best Cupcakes in America for 2018

The few pinches of xanthan gum will stabilize the whipped cream — making it stiff and preventing it from turning liquidy. Hi Adrienne, great question. There is no ganache or frosting in the recipe. I have filled the cake and decorated the top with my recipe for chocolate pastry cream. They come into play during cake assembly.

I mention both: Making a dam around the edge of each cake layer with the peanut butter whipped cream and filling with the pastry cream…. I hope this helps. Is there any other substitute for the Oat fiber ?

Lemon Gooey Butter Cookies – From Scratch

Can I omit it and add extra flour? Sometimes subbing ingredients with out testing can result in disaster and I would hate for that to happen to you. I only tested this recipe with the ingredients listed. Another idea is to find a chocolate cake on another site and then fill it with the pastry cream and frost with whipped cream. I hope these ideas help.

Oh man! Eating this right now! We are all impressed! Great, Melissa. I love the raspberries. Chocolate and raspberries are perfect together! Thanks for coming back to let me know you like the recipe. Have a wonderful week. I am attempting to make this today however i noticed your cake has 4 layers. Am I missing something? I bet shipping would be a disaster, lol.

It just got a great review from someone on Instagram. Thanks for the nice compliment. Step 4 Mackenzie, where it says Cream. There have some great comments about this cake on Instagram lately. I hope you like it. Happy birthday to your grandpa. I made it for her birthday.

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She came up for her birthday and I made her this and she raved, and raved, and raved. She took the rest home with her and told me the sponge moistened in the fridge. Unfortunately, she brought it to work so she could have a slice with tea for breakfast each day and she caught her boss in the kitchen with a mouthful of cake, covered in crumbs.

Regarding the cake itself, the only technical issue I had is that my pastry cream did not stiffen nearly as much as it seems to be in the pictures. I read your recipe notes for the pastry cream and I used your original method— 2 Tbs of cornstarch and then nixed the gelatin I wanted to splurge for her birthday and the notes seemed to indicate that tasted better.

Would that account for the consistency being runnier? It thickened some in the fridge over night, but more like a custard that runs down a spoon rather than an icing. What an inspiring comment, Jennifer. I happy to hear that your mother loved the recipe and that her boss did, too. What was he thinking? There is a fine line between getting that starch to cook and thicken and scrambling the eggs. It takes a few times to get it right. I always make my pastry cream a few days before. It should be pretty stiff from the fridge — even after whipping it with the beater to loosen it for spreading and piping, it should still have some texture.

The cornstarch version has better texture than the gelatin version. Because of the bits and fat, the cake will feel dry or hard when cold and should become softer if the slice is left on the counter for 20 minutes before enjoying. One of my favorite cakes that can be left on the counter and just gets better and better is the chocolate walnut cake! Enjoy your day. Tasted great, but turned into a messy leaning tower in the end. Custard was oozing out from between layers under the weight of the crumb.

Despite the technical issue will definitely make again. Even non keto guests enjoyed. Oh, my! Have a great weekend. Hello, thankyou for this recipe!