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More like lusted after each other and hating themselves for it. They moved in the same social circle so had to put up with each other. They made for good banter, even if it was heated. They both gave as good as they got and the sexual tension was alive! This story was hot, no doubt.

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Jake was a smooth, dirty talker and could melt the panties off of anyone. He was also uber protective and quite alpha indeed.

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He outshined Lane quite easily and I was Jake and Lane kinda hated each other. He outshined Lane quite easily and I was okay with that because her temper tantrums were a bit hard to take. There is mention of his past, only that he was a manwhore, and there was no OW drama to worry about. He met the woman he wanted to spend his life with and no one was going to get in his way.

As introductions go, this one was a hot and sexy welcome.

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Maren Lee created a truly scrumptious hero in Jake and I found myself wanting to devour even more of him. He was dee-lish! View all 6 comments. Lane Bennett has been hurt before. She moved to Bounty County for a fresh start! To get away form the bastard that hurt her, and to do the job she loves in a bit of a more stress free environment.

Or so she thought.


Whether or not to act on the tension she has with Jake Hamilton isn't the only stress she has currently. She's working to defend a man she actually thinks is innocent, but there are some corrupt people in Bounty County working against her. Jake Hamilton wants Lane. That about sums him up.

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No, I'm kidding. His start with her has been pretty rocky. Both of them throwing stones at every turn. She's fierce in the courtroom and he's always on the opposite side. He's a cop, he can't stand defense attorneys, but there's just something about Lane. Read their book and see! If you read Ride-along then you already know that Jake and Lane have a bit of a tense relationship! Well, you don't know the half of that until you read Changing Lanes! I could not get enough of the banter between these two characters, how natural their relationship felt, how relatable it felt, and how hot their naughty bits were!

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In the first book I had moments when I was not a Jake fan. So many things he said were just right, and so swoony. Ugh, I might actually be a big Jake fan now. I'll admit it. Not only that but he's quick witted and funny as well!

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Lane is amazing, but I loved her before. She's sassy, she's fierce, she works hard, and she's just plain amazing.

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She's very back and forth about her relationship with Jake, but it feels real to her character and the back story. Her issues are really the main angst in this story, and I loved that Lane did not back down. She is such a strong character and I loved that. I also loved that she did have a vulnerable side, but she saved it for Jake. Ugh these two. We get visits from some of our favorites from book one. Chloe, Justin, Sierra, and a bit of Brenden. We also get a bit more of some other side characters in Wesson and Molly. Some of Jake's other roommates as well. I also loved meeting Jake's family and wouldn't mind getting to know his little sister Katie more!

This story had amazing flow, and the banter between all the characters is great. I really enjoyed the entire story, and was super into the side plot. It was intriguing and kept me turning pages. Trust me Jake and Lane were enough to keep my interest, but the bit of suspense and mystery that Maren throws in was also really good!

There's an amazing mix of sweet romance, naughty bits, and suspense. Such a well rounded read, and it's awesome to see how much this authors writing has progressed since book one! I'm so ready for book three and book two isn't even technically out yet! Highly recommend this one! Not gonna lie, I'm pretty sure Jake Hamilton is my dream man. View all 3 comments.

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Now, you know how sometimes when you're sooo looking forward to something, it then arrives and it's just ok? And you end up feeling a bit devvo about the whole thing? So hot. I loved that their individual personalities were not dulled by their budding relationship, but in fact complimented the other. Sierra is still a firm fave - that mouthy filterless chick is badass - and Jake's parents were brilliant. The snippet at the end of this read was just a cruel tease! My review is my genuine opinion of this book. Dec 25, Tamara Harrington rated it it was amazing. I flove this book so much!!

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Lane is your type A personality and stubborn to boot which is what makes her a very fiesty lawyer and she's been through some heartache which is why she tries to avoid Jake. Jake is the bad boy cop, with a dominent side who comes across a little arrogent but as you get to know him you realise he is just so sweet, butter couldn't melt in his mouth and he wants La OMG!!!! Jake is the bad boy cop, with a dominent side who comes across a little arrogent but as you get to know him you realise he is just so sweet, butter couldn't melt in his mouth and he wants Lane. The sexual chemisry between these two is off the charts and I loved every minute of it!!

There are twists and turns along the way and boy, does this hit you right in the feels on more than one occasion but I wouldn't have it any other way. Once again Maren has teased us and now I eagerly wait for Molly and Wesson's story! Dec 24, Karen Sedgman rated it it was amazing.