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Mass demolitions of abandoned homes has left the 3-square-mile city pocked with vacant lots.

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The local government is near bankruptcy. After the FBI got tipped-off in early , agents had the drug dealer who caught officers lying about buying crack at his house wear a wire. From there, investigators uncovered more frame-ups and thefts. They documented several of them in an October indictment that charged the rogue unit's commander, Torris Moore, and two underlings, Antonio Malone and Eric Jones, with illegally searching and stealing from alleged drug dealers and faking reports to cover up their crimes.

The indictment included charges that the officers had arrested an alleged drug dealer identified as K. The following day, while K. Blackshaw did not know his case was under investigation. He learned of the officers' arrest by watching the news in prison. He called home and an aunt told him she'd already talked to his lawyer.

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A feeling of vindication washed over Blackshaw. He had agreed to go to prison even though he didn't think his arrest was legitimate.

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He has a long history of drug offenses, and his charge, possession of more than grams of cocaine, carried a mandatory minimum sentence of 11 years behind bars. He maintains he did not have any drugs on him when he was busted.

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He'd told his lawyer he wanted to go to trial. But his lawyer, Terry Gilbert, had advised against it, reminding him that it would be his word against the officers'.

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So Blackshaw pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and received a five-year prison sentence. But, as it turns out, the officers lied in the police report and to prosecutors while defending their illegal search. Most of the victims mentioned in the federal indictment didn't have private lawyers to push for their release. But the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office had just formed a Conviction Integrity Unit, which helped make sure all of the convictions were vacated. Blackshaw was released from prison in February All three officers were sentenced to prison: Moore got nine years, Malone six and Jones nearly four.

In a tearful courtroom apology, Moore said she'd turned rogue in Ndebele voandebele. Shona voashona. Soomaaliga voasomali.

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Cleveland Police officers face misconduct probe after spy row

Share on Twitter. Tamir E. Rice, 12, is seen allegedly pointing a pellet gun at the Cudell Recreation Center in Cleveland, Ohio, in a still image from video released by the Cleveland Police Department Nov.

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Rice died in the hospital on Sunday. Related Stories. Tensions Ease on Thanksgiving in Ferguson. Tensions appeared to ease Thursday in the U. Histories galore, painting in variegated colors the events of the last century in regard to Cleveland, have made their appearance from time to time.

But this volume will have the distinction of being the first record of any kind relating to the history of the police of Cleveland. In consequence, the writer asserts with confidence that this work will be largely read, and, of a necessity, prove a valuable addition to the historical works of Cleveland. In chronicling the events set forth in the history, the writer surely has nothing for which to apologize, the following pages, showing for themselves in plain black and white just what kind of a department the Cleveland Police Department is.

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Therefore our thanks go to those who contributed their time and effort to this project. Staff members Allan Coates and Marilyn Jech also contributed. Much of the text has been adapted from previously published CPHS works. For these sources, we gratefully acknowledge Thomas G. Matowitz, Jr. Peric, and the late Thomas A. Van Oeyen c.