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Sucker love is heaven sent. You pucker up, our passion's spent. My hearts a tart, your body's rent. My body's broken, yours is spent.

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Carve your name into my arm. Instead of stressed, I lie here charmed. Cuz there's nothing else to do, Every me and every you. Sucker love, a box I choose. No other box I choose to use. Another love I would abuse, No circumstances could excuse. In the shape of things to come.

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Too much poison come undone. Every me and every you, Every Me Sucker love is known to swing. Although I seriously loved the concept, writing style as always and the photographs there were a couple of things I disliked. It was too depressing. I was expecting more from the ending since everything on this book has been pretty much great. I would prefer if the Ariel girl was dead rather than what was revealed as to why she committed a stupid suicide attempt. I mean everything has been great. For me David Levithan would always be one of my favorite authors.

Aug 25, Alisha Marie rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc-s , young-adult , mystery-thriller. Now THIS is what a young-adult thriller should be like.

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After being a bit disappointed at the mystery-thriller aspect of Susan Beth Pfeffer's Blood Wounds but not disappointed in the book as a whole , Every You, Every Me was definitely a welcome surprise. I had expected the book to focus heavily on the gimmick and let the actual mystery plot, of what happened to Ariel and who's sending Evan those mysterious photographs, fall to the wayside.

But it didn't. In fact, Every You, Every Me wouldn't have suffered one bit if it didn't include any of the photographs. It still would have been an intriguing story and one hell of a mystery.

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Yet the photographs do add something extra to it. Not that that part of the book was bad at all.

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The book was still pretty amazing, but the final released copy of Every You, Every Me is supposed to include full-length color photographs, while those with an ARC had small-ish black and white photos. But again, the photographs do add something extra. For me, it had me feeling that much more freaked out for Evan. The slashed out lines that were still completely readable were an interesting way to show what Evan was really thinking as opposed to what he was actually saying. So, the gimmicky parts of Every You, Every Me actually worked and were very well-done. Every You, Every Me was also superbly written.

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You can just feel how screwed up Evan is due to everything that happened to Ariel. You really do start to wonder about Evan's state of mind and that just intensifies the disturbing factor. Every You, Every Me just drives home the fact that we never really know someone completely. We just know one facet of them. Who they are when they're with you can be completely different than who they are when they're with someone else. Every single aspect of it worked wonderfully.

I do think that it will be even more amazing as a finished product with the full-length cover pictures included. Either way, Every You, Every Me is highly recommended. Oct 06, Raya rated it it was ok Recommends it for: fans of David Levithan. Shelves: whine-and-cheese , stale-bread , mister-ee. Two words: teen angst!

And how does one evoke more teen angst? Strike through wording! Evan has lost his best friend, Ariel, but how?

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Readers are not meant to discover a solid explanation until the end. In the mean time, Evan is haunted by her through memories and his own guilt for actions that resulted in her absence. Then, beginning on Ariel's birthday, someone starts leaving photos for Evan: a picture of trees, a picture of him, more trees, more Evan, and finally Evan, no thanks to his guilt an Two words: teen angst!

Evan, no thanks to his guilt and truck load of angst! So what happened to Ariel and who is stalking Evan? Why is someone stalking Evan? Several ideas popped in and out of my head, none of which were correct, and I am honestly sad that I didn't see it sooner. In retrospect, because Every You, Every Me is easy to zip through, I most likely overlooked tell-tale hints.

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No matter, because Levithan did not capture my intrigue. The concept of Every You, Every Me is interesting and true: there are several unalike fragments that make up the whole of an individual. We speaking generally often choose to reveal only one aspect of ourselves to certain people. This story, however, is a far cry from any kind of thrill. If you can manage two or three uninterrupted hours, this is not difficult to read and finish in one sitting. Delighted to discover this wouldn't take long to finish--a quick, light book--I originally slapped Every You, Every Me a three-star rating.

What it comes down to in the end, however, is quality, which I find sub-par. I dislike the angst and word-striking among other things , but it isn't terrible, and I know terrible: those books that take days of resentful trudging, and the only reason I find myself continuing to read is the simple yet sad motivation to say, "I did it!

I read the book! I can't stand it. I read "What'd you do last night? It's not pleasing, aesthetically, but the bulk of Every You, Every Me 's struck-through text could have avoided a strike had Levithan phrased it differently. At other times, it is doesn't look needed whatsoever: I put the photograph back in the envelope.

I didn't put the envelope back on the ground. I kept it. Because Evan decides to keep the photograph, which he places inside the envelope , it indicates that the envelope is not returned to the ground. Did I mention there are entire struck-through entries?