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English-German Glossary: House and Apartment

The man is eating—he is at eating. Er ist weder reich noch arm. He is neither rich nor poor. He is either sick or lazy. In a case like the last, no matter how well the speaker knows English, he must not pronounce a word like 'either' in the English mode, because it would be an offense against the natural rhetoric of the dialect. Radlof , Mustersaal aller teutschen Mundarten, Bonn, ; 2, Stalder Schweiz. Idiotikon, gives the accusatives of der and ein as agreeing with the nominative, and under ein 1, 37 he has—Acc. Mall, the latter an Alsatian, both considered that this presumed substitution of the nominative for the accusative or dative case must be a misapprehension.

Mall declared himself totally unaware of it. Both considered that it must have resulted from the disappearance of the inflectional -m , -n the latter of which is the rule certainly in the Rhine region , and the degradation of the preceding e vowel into [ e ]. Ziegler , letter of Jan. See Ellis , Early English Pronunciation, pp. The Rev. Ziegler suggests that this 'dass' may have arisen from a d , as of 'grad' G. He speaks just as if he were rich. Ziegler, transliterated by himself. Schmeller Mundarten Bayerns , art. In art. The following are examples of omitted initial n , ib.

Antwein und St. Nantwein, Aventin Chron. By Rachel Bahn.

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York, Pa. Containing twenty pages of "Poems in Pennsylvania Dutch. The following may be consulted also:.


Philadelphia und Leipzig. Harbaugh's Harfe. Gedichte in Pennsylvanisch-Deutscher Mundart. Philadelphia, Reformed Church Publication Board, On the German Vernacular of Pennsylvania. Philological Association, Lancaster Pa. Weekly Enterprise newspaper , with a weekly article by Mr. Early English Pronunciation, Ellis, F. London, Twelve pages are devoted to Pennsylvania German. In the main, this little volume of 'Palatinate Stories' comes nearer to Pennsylvania German than any other I have seen.

What sort of cleanly fellow is that?

Ziegler a native, like myself refers the 'isch' variety to the Mennonite and Dunker population, and as there were many Dunkers or Tunkers where my early years were passed, I heard more of this than of the other. The indicative mood present tense of haben and sein are, with some variations, as follows Stalder, 1, —.

Here the dative singular mir to me is used in the nominative plural instead of wir we , and also in impersonal expressions; and the dative singular dir to thee is similarly used for Ihr you , as in 'd'r sint' for G. Ihr seid you are. Ihr habet you have has forced its t upon the first and third persons plural of the Swiss forms; and in PG. The original spelling is that of Mr. Rauch, and is not reproduced. Dialectic words are spaced , and English words are here put in italics.

The translation is rather free. The following example of upper Bavarian is given by Klein, [52] beside which a PG. Here it is so still and calm, no turmoil, no strife comes within; in heaven kann es nicht it cannot be fairer than es it is in my little garden.

Overwatch Animated Short - "The Last Bastion"

The Pennsylvania Germans have traditional stories against the Suabians, although their population is in part derived from the upper Pfalz Palatinate; and some Suabians settled in Northumberland County, Pa. Difference of pronunciation causes confusion of speech between speakers of different dialects, as shown by Dr.

Diminutives in PG. In the very German county of Berks there is an Elsass township, which indicates an Alsatian influence. As a German province of France, [55] two languages are in use, and are taught in the schools, but the French is Germanised in pronunciation, as may be verified among the Alsatian and German servants of Paris.

Thinking German Translation

Being akin to Swiss and Suabian, PG. Alsatian differs from PG. The following lines Radlof, 2, are extracted from a piece of Alsatian which well illustrates the concurrent use of two languages. The French should be read in the German mode. The original of the following is in German gothic and French roman print according to the language, here imitated by roman and italic types.

The speaker is telling a friend how she was addressed by a stranger:.

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Make no formalities, [56] I said to him at once. Let me, what I beg 'ne, G. At your service, I said, he should let me go, my honor would not allow me to stand there longer. I give no rendez-vous ; adieu, sir, adieu, I will not see you more. Like Suabia , the name of Pfalz has disappeared from the map of Europe, and what was once the Lower Palatinate, is now to be looked for chiefly in Baden, Bavaria, and Darmstadt.

A few examples, condensed from Kobel, will show the nearness of its dialect to PG. So nehmt er dann desz Album desz uff 'm Tisch gelege is. So takes he then the album that is laid on the table. So is 'm glei' ei'gfalle'. So it soon happened to him.

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  8. Guck emol, do is er, mer kennt 'n. Look once, here he is, one knows him.

    Gottlieb Daimler

    Wei is er dann do drzu kumme? How then has he come? Desz will ich Ihne sage. That I will tell you. Nothing more has been heard of him. Mir habe [PG. We ate all together. Juscht am selle Tag is e' Gascht a'kumme.