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We will email you when this product is in stock. When Shelli and her friends cheat on their college placement test, they think they have just secured their future. Until Shelli's best friend, Jennifer, threatens to turn I click the remote from channel to channel.

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On a fishing show, two men in a motorboat are pulling a strange two-headed fish from the water. On a game show, contestants are receiving jolts of electricity. I click again, and we see a news program. When the reader gets selected to attend Ranewash, the best boarding school in the country, he or she may find that class is not quite what they expect, in a spine-tingling tale with more than twenty different endings Mitchell's parents are delighted with their recent purchase of a sleek sportscar, yet when the car's ghost makes an appearance, the family realizes that they had gotten much more than they bargained for.

Readers must beware as they embark on a scary night of trick-or-treating in a rich new neighborhood where nothing is what it seems and every house has a frightening surprise, in a terrifying tale that has over twenty different endings to chose from. After things begin to move on their own and strange writings appear on the wall, it becomes apparent that a poltergeist has moved into their home in this latest edition to the Goosebumps series for middle readers.

Having found a lost ring at school, Beth's teacher suddenly begins to act frighteningly strange, yet when the ring gets lost again and is found by Beth, it becomes apparent that the ring has an evil force attached to it as Beth begins to act oddly as Jack Archer, hero of Invasion of the Body Squeezers, is back in a nonstop chiller about blue aliens and their dreaded "body squeezer" device.

The big squeeze scrunches a person down to tennis-ball size and this time you're part of the action In the suspenseful conclusion of the twelve-part saga, the surviving members of Shadyside High's senior class try to uncover the culprit responsible for the senior-class curse, as they begin to suspect that Count Clarkula is really a vampire.

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In a fantasy story that features more than twenty different endings, a two-week cruise to Japan brings the reader face to face with a wacky scientist who turns humans into fish-like slaves, an evil stranger with a bomb, hostile natives, and sharks. Aaron's dad thinks he has found a real werewolf, and keeps him caged up in the living room, but Aaron thinks it is a big joke until he sets the man free and three people are attacked by a wolf creature.

Snooping around backstage at Mysterio's magic show, you find his Bag of Tricks. The warning label says Do Not Touch! Who cares! You've got to check out cool stuff like Disappearing Powder, Reappearing Spray, and Mysterio's magic wand! I didn't see a flight attendant as I stepped into the plane. But my seat was easy to find. It was the very first seat in the front row of the first-class section. I fiddled with the seat belt.

Then I remembered the envelope my mom had given me. With twenty different endings to choose from, this story puts the Transdimensional Transvator in readers hands, enabling them to travel to other dimensions, each one more frightening than the last. In a story that offers twenty different endings, the reader contracts a computer virus and can receive help from such characters as a bizarre teenage computer hacker or a doctor who prescribes computer chips and dip.

The locals call Heidi's uncle--the eccentric Dr. Jekyll--a mad scientist and Heidi thinks they are all crazy until she catches her uncle drinking a strange concoction and hears terrifying animal sounds in the middle of the night. Marla Newman is worried that her dream of becoming valedictorian of her senior class is slipping away, until she meets two juniors who offer her the power to get anything she wants, but she soon discovers that this power comes with a horrific price.

Jennifer Fear, a member of the senior class at Shadyside High, believes that an antique necklace she received is forcing her to commit terrible crimes and may even lead her to commit murder. Readers are placed in the character of a young person who is spending the night at a strange inn and suffering horrible nightmares about being changed into a bat, parents turning into aliens, and more.

Too bad you didn't actually write it. Too bad you decided it would be a good joke to turn in the story you found in the trash Brandon thinks his impersonation of a headless freak is the height of Halloween scariness, until he gets invited to the creepiest costume party of all time, where guests bob for rats and eat doughnuts filled with worms.

Plunges readers into the midst of the town's most horrifying haunted house, Payne House, where their survival depends on outmaneuvering such creatures as a giant dog-beast and the Tongue Thing and choosing the right ending to the story. Go, Craig! I lowered my hands to the coffin lid.

The Golden Locket

The wood felt cool and smooth, my heart pounded so hard, I could barely breathe. It's no big deal. A coffin is just a big wooden box. It's no different from l When the Goosebumps gang arrives at a summer camp run by the famous horror movie director, R. Farraday, they discover it is filled with scary rides and thrills not for the weak of heart--or of stomach Two months after her sister Justine falls down the stairs to her death, Clarissa Turner hears from her sister through a telephone psychic, who brings the information that Justine has been murdered, and Clarissa soon realizes that she may be the next After a week at circus camp, the reader is invited to join a real circus for a week, but life under the big top becomes a nightmare as an evil ringmaster plots to transform normal children into horrible sideshow freaks Kenny Klein is too involved in his work as a camp counselor and his relationship with a girl called Melly to worry about the masked boy in his group or the attempts against his life, much less the prophecy that all the members of his high school clas In a scream-a-thon with more than twenty different endings, movie creatures such as Godzilla and half-alligator mutants virtually jump out of the movie screen when the reader sneaks into the Movie Magic Multiplex.

A summer vacation on Cat Cay Island is turning into a nightmare as the reader's brother mysteriously vanishes and Katrina the Cat Woman sets out to make the reader the next Keeper of hundreds of evil mutant cats, in a scary adventure featuring more t Farrady, they discover it is filled with scary rides and thrills not for the weak of heart--or of stomach.

The reader can choose from more than twenty different endings to the terrifying tale that begins with the reader and friends checking into the Dead Hotel--where the guests are all ghosts--after breaking down on a deserted highway. Hansen scolded. I could barely hear my own voice. From the The gift shop at the Lonestar National Park is filled with the usual cheesy souvenirs, but these magic souvenirs draw the reader into some scary adventures, which include coming face-to-face with a gigantic spider and a hungry panther. An interactive adventure is a sequel to Goosebumps 27, A Night in Terror Tower, and extends into a create-your-own, fright-filled time trek to the Middle Ages with more than twenty possible endings.

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Featuring a gamelike format, the first installment of a new Goosebumps series places readers into a story in which there is only one path that leads to the safe escape from the notorious Hall of Science. Corky Corcoran and her classmates at Shadyside High are shocked when the evil spirit that once targeted cheerleaders returns, and Corky realizes that the secret to defeating the spirit is hidden in Sarah Fear's grave. In the light of the full moon, I saw the cat sprawled on its back, its head twisted to one side, its four paws straight up in the air.

Even from my bedroom window high above the ground, I recognized the cat.

The cat named Rip. And I knew wi Readers are placed in the character of a young person who is trapped in the huge shopping mall known as Mayfield's Bazaar, where scares are packed from floor to floor, in a story with several possible endings. Readers are placed in a new home that proves to be a swamp house and the site of a hidden treasure, a sewer ghoul, and a swamp thing, in a spooky story with more than twenty possible endings. Some kids used to party down there, back in the sixties. Until something horrible happened. Something that left a bunch of people dead.

It's just a story, right? There's n Highlighting a newly designed front-cover look for the Goosebumps series, the newest installment takes the reader on a visit to a virtual reality theme park where the scares are all too real. Hoping to put her past with the crazed Honey behind her, Becka thinks she has become paranoid when she still sees Honey everywhere she goes, until she realizes that the troubled girl is still out to get her.

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Warned by a medicine woman that the love potion she has given him will prove troublesome, Jamie finds himself turning into a wolf and learns that if the girl he loves sees him, he will retain his wolf form forever. Collects the stories of Brad, who must care for his pet Gronk; Samantha, who cracks up at the ballet; Max, who has received monster skates; and more, in a story packaged with a Goosebumps holiday stocking. Oh, no!

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Could it be? You're back at the Carnival of Horrors! You escaped the first time. But Big Al, the evil carnival manager, wants your second visit to last forever! You've got to get out of there Picture this -- Alex Hunter, photography freak, hanging out in Wolf Creek. Who lives in Wolf Creek? Alex's uncle Colin and aunt Marta. They're professional photographers.