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Using facebook, twitter, linkedin and tools like skype or gchat, you can meet and connect with other professionals that work in your field. Join industry groups and attend conferences, and develop friendships with people who share your interests. These connections are immensely valuable, as they can provide advice, share news and act as a sounding board for your ideas. There are no coffee room chats in the world of self-reliance, so establishing real connections is important for your morale and your understanding of the market.

Recognizing the value of the do-it-yourself movement of the last several years, thecoolist. Home Features. Craft a unique story. Take advice, but remember that your story is unique Entering new territory can be overwhelming, especially when working for yourself. Be flexible, but be patient The early months of running your own business can be slow and difficult. Trust your talents, but know your limits. Image is everything, so invest in your brand identity. Get your own space— and leave it often.

Make and keep real connections. Liked our story?

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Share it with friends. What do you think? Hi, We thought you would like to know that after a lot of web surfing we stumbled upon your website and are happy we did. Recently I decided that my family needed a change in how we eat and what we eat. So, over last month no processed, artificial, high fructose corn syrup…. My 11 year old daughter made her first from scratch chocolate cake mostly by herself and is so proud and happy.

I am very new 3 weeks old on my path to change the way my family eats. I have been cooking everything from scratch with fresh ingredients and no preservatives, high fructose corn syrup,…. I have to admit that it is the most challenging thing I have ever undertaken. I live in the city so a vegetable garden is right now out of the realm of possibilities. My question is: is there a support group or an online community I could belong to that would keep my resolve from slacking? Thank you. Thank you everyone for sharing.

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And I want my kids to learn the art of feeding your family by your own means. Someday that may keep their families from starving. I need help: It can be overwhelming to plan everything. But with people like you, that are willing to share your knowledge and tips, it makes it do-able for the rest of us. We do need to be less reliant on big brother and learn to take care of our own.

Blessings to each of you for giving of yourselves to help others. Try not to get overwhelmed — just do what you can, where you are. Over time, the changes add up.

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Getting everyone in the family on board is important also. I often hear from the wife mother of the house asking how she can get her husband to understand the necessity of self-sufficiency. The best answer is not to force the issue. As CSH stated take small steps, those around you will get accustomed to the changes you are making and realize it is for their betterment as well.

I too stumbled unto this web site and am very glad I did.

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I am making plans slowly to move back to a climate more agreeable to me. I plan to buy some property back home northern Michigan where I can hunt,fish and grow all my own crops. I plan to work down here for a couple of years but wish to start by buying property. Suggestions on land purchase? The U. You have any friends or family in the area who could help you look?

Land is expensive here compared to what it used to be, but houses are abundant. Generally folks who live in the area in question, especially old timers, can offer some of the best advice. I have learned a lot about our area since become closer friends with our elderly neighbors. Thanks for the quick reply. I have always loved the area,however because of the feeling of wilderness almost anywhere you look. I am from just south of the bridge in the lower peninsula.

I know that gardening would be difficult at best but the area really appeals to me. Any suggestions as to where I might buy cheaper land preferably east of the Mississippi. I am at the very first stages of a self reliant lifestyle and looking forward to diving in!! You may some luck on full-blown homesteading forums. I think I would like n. Wisconsin as well. I spent several days in Spread Eagle yrs. That was back about I think. Please tell me more about your area when you have time. Or anyone else have any ideas? Spread Eagle and the area way up north around US 2 is pretty quiet, although that may change if they get mining going again.

We drove through there this summer and many of the small towns looked like they were about ready to dry up and blow away. This crappy economy has been hard on everyone. Land prices are cheaper up north, away from the bigger population areas, but there are few jobs and a shorter growing season. I have been looking at property in the UP. Does that compare with your area?

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It is near Marquette and beautiful as it has a view of Lake Superior from one of the larger hills on the property. I have spoken to a few nurserymen in the U. Anyway, I will probably look at some properties this winter or spring. I also will hunt and fish and therefore I will save lots of money there. I am so excited to start learning how to be more self-reliant.

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I wish I had not waited until retirement to get into this. I am 60 yrs. Even rental costs are sky high. We were lucky to find this parcel at the price we did when we did — now we just need to find my husband a local job again. Thought we had everything settled when we built the dream home, as he had been with the same business for nearly 16 years.

Life is never simple. It would be a wonderful show with different guest farmers or… every week,wow. Have you looked at solar hydroponics with both fish and plants. Really unique I would say. Anyway, thanks for the info. Fish and plants year round in big greenhouses. I think a person could live two lifetimes and still not have enough time to get everything done. There are big conventional dairy farms, smaller organic dairy farms, organic CSAs, a winery, an alpaca farm and much more, all within a half hour drive of my place.

Of course, we do an assortment of things here, too. You know you might be on to something with the crash course idea.

7 Rules For Raising Self-Reliant Children

You could line up all kinds of people ie; blacksmiths,farriers,cabin builders, economics of homesteading, hunting, etc. What a great week? Count me in! It is a beautiful area that I am familiar with.

What Self-Sufficient Living is About and 8 Tips on How to Achieve It

It has a pond on it and also has lake frontage. Over 20 acres consists of forest with 2 inches of soil on top of rock. Less than ideal for growing anything but there is a few acres down near the lake where the soil is much deeper and richer.