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New York World's Fair. Instcad of the usual fragmentary snap-shot8 here is a lilm with a beginning and an end.

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Electrical Industries with a lavout of the. Ncar by, Wagons-Lits vaunt the comfort and luxury of their slcepcrs Renault.

Traditional pi-a-ant homes in the Alps, in Alsace nud Rrittauy lit into their :. Tbe terraced restaurant on the top floor adds its voice to the glorification of tbe soi], thc art- and. The Freneh Colonies havj a Building of tbeir own. FVocks and lun lead nnturally to jewels I, is therclort no. Maillol, D-sp. V Unes '7 the duTcrent rooms and is in itself a historv.

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In sucb sctttngs, pamtings, sculpture, furniture. Pasteur Laennec, Vmemin, Calmct. Straight before you runs Const. The Avenue of R. South of the Per. We have no intention of credinng Victor Hugo with the. There could bc no mistakc. And cvcrywherc, bare. Inside, a bust of king Lcopold has the place of honor as it lias in Belg. A Malincs tapestry dcp. A hand-hammered. With its dignified lines the Canadian Building.

Night in dieFair transforms evcrytl. Luminous fountains gush from sorne of the pools along the center of the Mail changinc.. The very Icavcs of the irecs grow transitent and phosphorescent in the witchery of capillatjf mercury tubes runn. Why not? They grow like weeds in Venezuela Portugal secs tomorrow on a solid foundat. Holland wouidn't be Holland without tulms Wlun the color combinations with the dominant had been worked oui like a symphony.

So suave harmonies or rousing discords worthy of. Avenue of Pioncers shades from pastel bluc- to ultramarine at Lincoln Square. Rainbow Avenue is scmicircular shading from gold through orange to red, violet and blue it joins the ends of the other avenues. At the Mail the Avenue of.

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  • Nor could the Building opposite the French Building on the other Mail corner of the Lagoon belong to any nation but Bc-lgium. But why anticipate when the World's Fair colorists have experimented for us? The fan-shaped layout of the Fair of course immediately suggestcd. Their harmonies ould be rcgulated by a sort of color-orchestra leader paid by the city.

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    He could give cach district its keynotc and its dominant, each avenue its theme The intersecting and adjacent stteets could bc variations, and transpositions berween districts could be made by squares pl. On the strcet level rcgular spaecs between buildings and primary colors could maintain the rcgular rhythm of the. But you don t have to run after busses nor think of stocks at ludimg And colors, rcgulated according to a definite plan, have the edge on architecture from one end of the Tlic experiment.

    The only thing furure archeologists must know is the meaning of " eut herc " printed at die top of the cylinder It could be any of diose things..

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    So ihcre arc fcw hybrid buildings wliich, like the Paris Stock lixchangc, rould bc- anything froni a King's palace, a House of Communs, or a. In the Nations, she presc-n. R Building surmounted by an exact reproduction of ,. D'ailleurs, ces deux expositions n'ont-elles pas d'autres points de fraternelle ressemblance?

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    La section des Attractions occupe hectares. Les lacs et les vastes parcs de stationnement comptent pour hectares. Grover A. Pour conclure, examinons ce que cette manifestalaissera de durable.

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    Jacques Greiiek. La Compagnie des wagons-lits souligne par des maquettes en vraie grandeur le confort d,-s wagonset. Trois voitures Renauit. L'aviation s'attache A exposer non des avions, mais l'exploitation des lits. Une maquette figure Normandie une, ,. L'architecte le. Etienne K mann. Aussi voisineront-ils. Le talent de ce K rand urt. On y verra par exemple les portraits de Pasteur, de Laennec. Dans l'exposition d'art ancien, on entend du Mozart ou du Lulli, etc.

    On y sera accueilli par une statue de la France, de Landowski. Mois m. Cailloux, Willy Romon el N. Louis-XV, Marie-Aiitoinelt.

    Facteur humain

    Le lamhrissagc de la salle. La salle Marie-Antoinette est la restitution du boudoir.

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    Le contenu vaut le contenant. Engine Delacroix, Corot, Darye, C. Toulouse-Lautrec, E. On rcmartieelli,. Dans une certaine mesure n'est-ce pas louable' Il semble bien qu on ait fait des trouvailles, surtout en ce qui concerne les formes. Celles-c, n'ont pas, comme un observateur :. A ombre duquel les. Je demain ne seraient-elles pas de symphonies polychromes?

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