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I need to partner with a local e. Jerusalem photographer who can come with me as we visit each site.

The photographs would be central to the book, documenting what I saw, what the experience was like, how I tried to answer the questions I had, etc. One U. To fill the gap I did an informal survey last week of 91 adults, primarily through twitter, to get some baseline data. Here are the results. Nothing interesting here. Twitter and my following on it are unsurprisingly male and around middle age. I wanted to know if particular kinds of familial estrangement happened more often.

Fathers were most common, at Mothers next at 18 and siblings third at Slightly more respondents initiated the estrangement 37 than did not Of course every family is complex and each relationship can influence the others. I did not ask for example if respondents were estranged from their entire family, parts of it, or just one person they could choose more than one.

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Adoptions, divorces and other specific situations were not identified. This is likely indexed to age, as older people have been alive longer and the possibility for longer estrangements increases. Reconciliation can mean many different things and I left it to respondents to define the term.

Specific situations liked adoption were not isolated from more common situations. These situations are unsurprisingly tough and complex and many respondents left a comment with more of their story or details they though were relevant. Here are a few edited comments:. There was no event. We both gave up on the relationship without communicating anything. Physically and financially family has always been together.

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But emotionally, in terms of open conversation, not so much. If you know of anyone studying these questions professionally please send them my way or point them to this summary. Please buy the book today, as buying on launch day helps greatly in raising its rank and visibility on amazon in one big wave. Its been a good day so far.

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Details here or for quick reference:. Many have asked why I wrote it and this page is the answer. The book has the highest avg. My family is a mystery, especially my father, and the events of the last year were painful enough to force me to stop avoiding those mysteries and challenge them head on.

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There are questions inside every family that everyone thinks about but never asks. It was the hardest book to write because the stakes were high. These are my most personal feelings about the most important people in my life.

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The craft of writing about emotions is hard to learn. Reading many memoirs I read more than 15 of them helped me sort out what I wanted to do with the book, and how to deal with some of the challenges memoirs have. How do we know what a good family is? Are there relationships that are beyond repair or is there always hope? We usually only have family one in our lives, perhaps two if we marry into another one, which is not much information to work with for the most important relationships we have. We confuse autobiography with memoir. A good memoir is not comprehensive.

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Instead it takes one thread of a life and carefully explores it. People assume only famous people have earned the right to write a memoir. My life presented me with a difficult story about my family and I felt someone needed to tell it. There are many people who have serious relationship issues with their fathers or mothers. Many of us have unresolved issues with at least one parents. Most of us ignore those feelings, hoping to keep the past in the past. Early on in I told my brother and mother I was thinking about writing a book about our family, and they agreed it was a good idea.

I interviewed my brother and mother many times, and my father once which is captured in the book itself. When I sat down to start writing the book in earnest I had a stockpile of archival material that helped me get started. We have to fight to live in the present and find ways to escape the past without pretending it never happened. Writing about yourself is difficult but I highly recommend it. It preserves your feelings and thoughts in a way memory never can. These next few questions are from an interview with Debbie Weil at VoxieMedia.

How many drafts did you do? What was your process? Did you use readers or editors for feedback as you went along?? I wrote, I believe, seven drafts. However, the last three drafts were primarily for copyediting and proofreading with few structural changes if any. I always have early readers. I hired two copyeditors to review the last drafts, a proofreader, and had many volunteer proofreaders too. The best advice is to read many books in the form you want to write in.

When you read as a writer you read differently. How did the writer achieve or fail at this? It is useful to invite people who were there into the project early on.

For me, I interviewed both my parents, and my brother read nearly all of the drafts and gave feedback on them. The challenge for memoir is that it is highly subjective and personal, even more so than novels. The reasons why someone likes a memoir — or not — are very personal. Only in reading many of them can you recognize there is no right answer, and that no matter what you do not everyone will be interested in your story, or like the way you tell it. Every single mention or purchase of the book on the day helps tremendously in helping this new book find its way in the world.

Set a schedule reminder for one or more of the following iCal appt :. The hashtag is ghostmf. Feel free to reuse, borrow, snip and edit these:. My 6th and most personal book, The Ghost of My Father , launches next week. Get a taste by reading the free chapter excerpt. When writing a new book I often start by making a reading list. There is a long history of bad ones and it puts most of our modern complains about parents into sharp relief.

My book is strictly about my own experience with a distant father, and the hard work of sorting out the consequences now as an adult.

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But for all of my complaints about my father this list expresses the wide spectrum of how bad some fathers have been. How creative is a writer who only writes in the same genre? Of over 16, applicants semi-finalists were selected and the 24 finalists were announced this morning. The Amtrak website is getting hammered so I reposted the list of finalists here. Congratulations to everyone. Amtrak is excited to announce the selection of 24 members of the literary community as the first group of writers to participate in the AmtrakResidency program.

Over the next year, they will work on writing projects of their choice in the unique workspace of a long-distance train. The 24 residents offer a diverse representation of the writing community and hail from across the country. Meet our residents below:. Ksenia Anske is a Seattle based fantasy writer, entrepreneur and social media marketer. She was born in Russia and came to the U. In , she was named one of the Top Women in Seattle Tech and has published several short stories and novels, including Rosehead and the Siren Suicides Trilogy.

He writes regularly on his popular blog and tweets at berkun. From March until December , he wrote ShysterBall, a baseball blog. Craig also spent eleven years as a business litigation and constitutional law attorney. Her writing has also appeared on Jezebel, Deadspin, and back when she attended way too many concerts, she had her own music column in The Villager.