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J M Conley, a Solitaire wizard, has studied the occult for over half a century. His experience is founded in elemental magic and includes several other traditions. As a metaphysician, he has always been more interested in the commonalities between the various traditions than their differences and in identifying the foundational concepts shared across the various paths.

Quantum Magic

This study has generated a lifelong pursuit to better understand the mystical elements of the multi-verse and our connection to them. Conley, a long-term practitioner and student of the occult. He decided to write this book to serve as an introduction to the subject as well to provide practitioners with a standard approach to the techniques, theories and practice of Magic.

Conley draws parallels between the study of science and the workings of the physical realm, and the practice of magic. He then presents a background discussion on energy, balance and the elements. Successful ritual practice of magic is dependent upon the preparation of both the participants and the materials that are needed for the particular spell.

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Meditation, focus, awareness and memory are all important aspects of preparedness, and Conley discusses each in detail. He also includes a comprehensive appendix of selected readings. Conley's non-fiction religion and spirituality work, Quantum Magic: A Guide to Understanding and Practicing Magic, is a practical and easy to read primer.

Conley's presentation demystifies magic and magical practice, and his preparatory exercises are marvelous for anyone who wants to improve the functioning and health of their mind and body. What most impressed me, however, was his step-by-step guide in which he walks the reader through every aspect of a magical ritual, and I was pleased to find that those books that had me despairing of ever understanding the practice of magic were not on his extensive list of recommended readings.

Quantum Magic is most highly recommended. Quantum Magic by JM Conley is a great book for those who want to learn more about magic and science, and how they relate to each other. The first part of the book is mainly learning about science and how magic uses it to its advantage.

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Conley talks a lot about perspectives, and how they can change the way people perceive magic. There are some pictures and diagrams explaining different concepts, and Conley makes the concepts easy to understand. A lot of practices you need to practice your skills!

I would say that this is probably the ultimate guide to magic and science combined: Quantum Magic. I found Quantum Magic to be a great book. I liked it because it truly is a non-fiction book. The magic that you need has to be supplied by a human. The human is what makes it work. I recommend this book to all who like magic, and all who want to use it to give them a break in life and just relax.

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Conley presents a comprehensive study of magic in his book Quantum Magic. This book includes both the theoretical approach and the practical application of utilizing magic in your life — whether you are a beginner or have been a practitioner for many years. A clear, logical framework explaining why magic works is outlined and explained.

The blending of scientific and metaphysical information, as well as adding sketches throughout the book, makes this esoteric subject easy to grasp. The simple, but rich-in-meaning sketches facilitate learning and deeper understanding. He also presents a step-by-step learning process, complete with several exercises for each subject area.

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The conclusion of the book details specific instructions for a ritual — a fitting end to a complete process of learning magic. Quantum Magic by J.

The discussion on objective vs. For those fields, quantum physics can provide benefits such as speeding up database searches, factoring incredibly large numbers, or rapidly simulating complex molecules.


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Louis, have demonstrated that quantum physics can also be used to measure frequency more precisely and quickly. This could have applications in areas such as more precise clocks and GPS systems, sharper and quicker MRI medical imaging devices, and more exact analysis of light emitting from stars. Using the strange rules of quantum mechanics, researchers were able to put a quantum bit in a superposition of two different energy states at the same time in order to speed up the accurate measurement of frequencies.

Frequency is a direct measurement of repeating events over time; the certainty of a frequency increases proportionately as time increases. For instance, an accurate analog clock ticks with a frequency of one tick per second. The longer you let the clock tick, the better you will be able to determine if the clock is accurate. Similarly, if you play a low note on the piano very fast, it is difficult to assign it a precise frequency.

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The longer one hears a note, the more precisely one can determine its frequency. To perform this quantum magic, the researchers measured the frequency of a signal—such as a pendulum on a grandfather clock—using a quantum bit, the smallest unit of quantum information, analogous to a binary digit bit in a standard computer. In quantum physics, particles do not have definite states as they do in classical physics.