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Main article: List of Phoenician cities. Left, map of Phoenician in yellow and Greek colonies around 8th to 6th century BC with German legend. Right, extent of Carthaginian influence prior to BC. Main articles: Phoenician language , Phoenician alphabet , and Alphabet. Main article: Canaanite religion. See also: Sanchuniathon.

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The Archaeology of the Arabian Gulf. Bar-Yosef and A. Khazanov, eds. Coulmas A grammar of the Phoenician language. For example, 'aleph' means 'ox', 'bet' means 'house' and 'gimmel' means 'throw stick'. Cook analyses and dismisses the date in the thirteenth century adopted by C.

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Second and Third Series. Warmington associates Melqart with the pan-Semitic father god El. Regarding Baal Hammon, "the epithet [was] being used to avoid naming the name of the god" p. Canaanite Myth and Hebrew Epic. Harvard University Press. Retrieved 19 January One author finds his origin in the name of a mountain to the north of Phoenicia, Amanus. Or the name may signify a small chapel, related to continuity, hence safety.

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Markoe understands Baal Hammon as similar to Dagon , i. Said by Markoe to represent Baal Hammon. They present archaeological findings —6, —9 , and cite the works of a dozen ancient authors —30 , to substantiate its macabre reality. The authors also try to understand it from the perspective of its ancient practitioners —1, —5. They review —41 the few modern critics who question whether in fact the evidence is being misconstrued e.

The novel inspired several operas. Her symbol may be related to the Egyptian symbol of life, the ankh. Lancel pp.

In Lanternari, Vittorio ed. Bari: Dedalo. Lastly, she alone is indicated. A similar epithet occurs in Hebrew religion, e. Cross , p. Ceres is often identified with the Greek goddess Demeter whose name signifies "earth mother". Cited by Lancel , p.

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