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Jenn has been on this journey with me before Lodestone Logic even existed. Fast forward about 2 years. I re-connected with Jenn and reminded her of what she had said before about working for me. Even though she was gainfully employed, she agreed to work a few hours each week doing basic administrative stuff. Much to my surprise, a few months later, she quit her job and picked up more hours with Lodestone Logic. Jenn never ceases to amaze me. I have lost count of the things that I have asked her to do; the whole gambit from little simple to big complicated tasks.

Each time she accepts the challenge and has never been deterred. Even in the midst of craziness, she is able to ebb and flow and still hammers away at whatever is the priority. Her approach and attitude to her work is so refreshing. My biggest conundrum is not swamping her with too many responsibilities.

Every day we apply our energy, skills, and abilities to transform healthcare and make things happen that others thought were impossible. Our attitude matters; it has a direct effect on how we work with each other and deliver services to our clients. Now, thanks to Jenn we have motto that truly reflects who we are. And, thanks to our friend and co-conspirator, Michele Steele , we have a fun logo to represent it. We love being and working with people like ourselves. Corporate America is searching for the single answer that will solve all of its woes with regards to innovation.

Yet, there is an obvious internal blind spot when it comes to innovation. Innovation and innovative assets already exist within these companies, but they are underutilized or untapped for their potential. The asset is their own employees that are true intrapreneurs. So, what is an intrapreneur? These are unique employees that have some of the following characteristics. Yet, intrapreneurs are rarely leveraged to help transform the company. Typically intrapreneurs are the employees are difficult to manage because they have a bigger perspective about the business, which generates ideas, and suggestions about how to do things differently.

They push their direct line management to initiate new projects and work that may be in direct conflict with the status quo. If they continue to show their intrapreneur characteristics, the result is demotions, firings, or the decision to leave for another company where their intrapreneurial traits are encouraged and recognized in a positive manner in many cases, it is to a direct competitor.

Intrapreneurs are the employees that are out on a ledge and are not accepting of the status quo. They are willing to take risks and initiate projects that they believe will create a more promising future for the company. But, because most organizations struggle with innovation and change, the intrapreneurs create internal friction.

So, companies and organizations that want to be innovative NEED these employees to do what they do.

The Business Intrapreneur: Profiles of Unsung Heroes of Corporate America

The challenge is to identify these intrapreneurs, channel their energy, drive for tangible results, and recognize them for the contributions that they make. As many people know, I wholeheartedly believe that intrapreneurs are the key to true transformation of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. As such, I am an advocated for intrapreneurs and have invested time researching and learning about this particular employee population.

LLblogpost , add a comment to this blog post, or send me an email: keilenberg lodestonelogic. I am the first to admit that I am a slave to the blinking light. On some devices its red, others either blue or green. I want to know what email came in or what new information is out there for me to know about. It is the time where I stop the obsessive doing of tasks and activities and actually let my brain relax and think.

There really is a difference. The blinking devices lure us in.

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They make us believe that a quick response to an email or check in on FaceBook is a good use of our time because we can move on to the next task… then, the light blinks again, and again… in my experience, these quick connects turn into a major time suck. I had a boss that knew that I was a workaholic and never really shut down.

So, for the first time in my career, I shut down.

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I turned off my device and saw no blinking lights. Without being a slave to the blinking light, I was able to think things through — work relationships, business processes, and ways to alleviate the log-jams and surface solutions. The mental knots in my brain let loose and new insights and opportunities came flooding through. It was amazing. Also, please know that going cold turkey is always a possibility, but expect to experience connectivity-loss withdrawal symptoms initially. Once you do it, you will immediately realize the benefits.

Trust me. But, the reality is that being disruptive means that there is something eg a project or initiative pushing against a pre-existing system and causing friction.

4 Common Traits of the Best Chief Operating Officers

And, friction causes heat. Heat causes fires. Fires, when uncontrolled, burn down houses and institutions. To avoid wild fires organizations do a very good job creating sub-zero conditions that inhibit any kind of molecular reactions that may trigger a spark. Do not lose hope. Ideas are a dime a dozen, but when you know that you have one that will really make a difference, do something about it.

Earn the right to create the spark. Perform above expectations. No one is going to support someone who is unable to successful execute on their existing job and responsibilities.

Organizations and leaders are more likely to support zany and out-of-the-box ideas when it comes from an employee that has a solid performance track record. If you succeed, they succeed. If you fail, then their reputation may be tarnished or negatively effected. Respect what this relationship means to you both. Build an extended team of resources that include domain experts that advocate for the idea. Check the ego at the door.

Know your limitations and seek out and befriend the people that will be able to help you tackle the toughest bits and pieces of the project. Your idea will only be executed if you get support from peers that are the domain experts. In most cases, you will not be able to secure them as full time resources, but you need to be able to call on them and tap their expertise.

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Make sure that you have access to true experts in public policy, privacy, legal eg intellectual property , and regulatory. There will be days where you will not want to type another email or speak to another person. The pressure is almost unbearable. You are burnt out and want to call it quits… but you are so close….

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You need to get away from the mayhem. Go off the grid.

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Shut down the electronics. Do something that you love to do. Even if it is just for a half day, you need time to clear the brain.

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This mini-mental vacation will help you recharge your batteries, focus, and get back on task. Navigating organization dynamics is always a challenge, especially when you want to change the status quo.

However, following these five steps will not only help you to initiate a spark and small flame, in time you will generate a larger and more sustainable fire that is welcomed and encouraged by the organization. Many people have asked how and why I started Lodestone Logic. It may come as a surprise to some, but I really never intended to start my own company.

Blog What are you scared of? What are you scared of? Yet, something is holding them back. They are struggling. If I had bet on it, I would have lost some money. My friends and colleagues are NOT scared of failure. Crazy, right? I am not a certified therapist of any type, but I get this.