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We also use cookies on the site for personalisation, analytics and ads. By continuing to browse you are agreeing to our use of these cookies. Marie Kondo versus book hoarders is now a meme and it will spark joy in you 9 January , The film's main point is that humans are primitives and brutes that are only hiding under their "civilized" surface and society.

Zed Connery is loathed because of his "animalism" but soon it turns out that the more they hate him, the more they become like him. The film is pretty philosophical and needs to be watched with brains, since there are many issues under its science fiction film oriented surface. The film tells also something about immortality and asks is it after all as great thing as we may think.

In the film, there are those who have lived many hundreds of years and gained all the possible knowledge about everything. They have become sad and bored, it is not so great to live forever especially once we see our "real face" what Connery's character in the film reflects. Some have said that the film is artificially philosophical, but that is not true; the subject matters the film tells with great optimism, though!

The film could have been very cynical and pessimistic, but it is not. Boorman tells the story with great optimism and most importantly, with humor. Zardoz is very funny at times, but with clever way, and many will not understand the film and its satiric elements. For me, the film was fantastic and pleasant, with all its themes and merits.

The film is also shot fantastically, and MUST be seen in widescreen or in the big screen. The cinematography is gorgeous and the gorgeous landscapes were shot in Ireland and near Boorman's house. The film is occasionally little slow moving and repeats itself, but there are no other negative points I can say about this satiric classic. Zardoz has deserved its cult status and it is great to see James Bond in little different role.

Zardoz is way too difficult for many viewers, and so the film is easy to hate and laugh at, for those who don't understand it. This will not leave your mind too soon, if you just manage to understand the film and see into its core. I still haven't decided which must watch it again first! It has beautiful visuals and a surprisingly multi-layered script the revelation of the title's meaning is a stunning moment , yet it also has parts so embarrassing the "scientific examination of the male erection" scene comes to mind that make you wonder how the participants managed to keep a straight face through them the filming of this movie must have been great fun!

Ultimately, it's a film that defies ratings, but I'll try my best A classic science fiction tale woven into a complex - and for some, complicated tapestry, it is not surprising for some to become irritated or confused at the movie. And, given the context of the time of it's making - i. After all, the notion of a floating head issuing commands to armed barbarians - ridiculous idea, isn't it?

But consider thinking of troops battling overseas those whom are labeled as 'brutals' as they're issued commands by distant leaders safe miles away or speaking to them behind protective measures. As to the content and story, that is timeless and perhaps that's where we should rest and consider the nature of power versus the masses; the necessity for the mystery of death; the power of love and lust as well as the folly of intelligence and of Mankind. And as one of the main characters later on states 'we've been Amused! I hope I've quoted that correctly from John Boorman's audio commentary.

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I never understood why on earth John was doing this film at the time. What about the 70s made him do so?

I still, having listened to his commentary, cannot say. Normally people only become absorbed by the thought of dying when they are about to face it, Parsifal is a pretty good example for that. Zardoz is a desperate manifesto, made with the utmost urgency, at least that how it feels. Boorman chose it as his heart's revelation about the need to die. Another line of the commentary stuck in my mind, the one about religions having - as a secondary purpose at least - the function to control people by the idea of an afterlife. I don't really believe that he was quoting Marx here.

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It's a blind guess, but I think he was hinting to something like that the absence of evolution and the wish for eternal existence cause each other. I don't remember it, I am too young. The film was made with a million dollars, not bad. It certainly has nice photography.

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A proposes lots of theses, most of them simply wrong, especially the one concerning the necessity to sleep, and it has lots of rather simple Still, the mixture of new and old here is much nicer than in Star Wars, for example. What can you expect for a million? I think the visual outcome is great! And though the story picks up many ideas, lots of them silly, it doesn't lose its theme, mortality and the need for it.

Everything directly concerning that is deep and serious. Consensus is boring. If anything here provokes disagreement, it only strengthens the vitality of these great works. These stories involve characters adrift in uneasy settings where the boundaries between reality and fiction dissolve, leading to uncertain quests for an elusive truth. Not everyone finds it. The following list is ranked. It requires a few caveats to acknowledge some runner-ups. First off, my curatorial approach takes into account factors such as balance and scope.

See them all. They are a mirror to the world we live in now. Lists are inherently limiting, so you can expect to see a lot of them these parts as we spread the love around. Other voices from the IndieWire team will weigh in throughout the week, and this article will be updated with links. Arguments are welcome, but readers quick to pass judgement are encouraged to track down all these titles first. Kelly Reichardt continues to show her mastery of American isolation with this adaptation of Maile Meloy short stories.

Not Rated min Drama, Sci-Fi. R min Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller. From Brexit satires to time-travelling murder mysteries and a former first lady's wry observations on life in the White House, our critics pick the. Items 1 - 25 of 76 I guess I was expecting this to be a thriller of some kind, maybe even psychological. And there was so much clutter in the story, about who wore what , back histories that as if to check a political correctness box in the final book " Acceptance". A fascinating short novel of literature-twisting science fiction. Critic Reviews: "Grant's sf-fantasy thrillers continue to be the very definition of..

I just got the box set of books and look forward to finding out what happened This was it, the entirety of civilization hiding behind the clutter of a capitalized..

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  4. Beneath the action, the book deals with some big, existential questions: love. Consequentemente, venceu The Clutter Box: An existential sci-fi thriller.