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The quasi-cosmic, picaresque journey of twelve-year-old Jack Sawyer - across America on foot, "flipping" in and out of a parallel universe called the "Territories" - in quest of a magical talisman that will save his widowed mother a former B-movie star from dying of cancer. Jack's trek begins on the Atlantic coast, where an old black man at a seedy "Funworld" tells him about the Territories, The Talisman, and the "Twinners" parallel-universe doppelgangers ; and these first chapters recall the murky hoo-hah of Straub's opaque Shadowland - as Jack learns that his nemesis is his dead father's evil business partner Morgan Sloat, known in the Territories as "Morgan of Orris.

In the real world his ordeals include: slave-labor at an upstate N.

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In the semi-medieval Territories, he faces tree-monsters and assorted "thing" attackers - but also acquires a devoted, brave sidekick: a werewolf named Wolf, who travels with Jack into the real world. This page section, midway through, is prime alien-fiction a la King - funny, touching, complete with a Carrie-like outburst of retaliation from poor, sweet Wolf.

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And eventually, after Wolf's noble demise, lack reaches the midwestern prep school of chum Richard Sloat son of Morgan - who'll reluctantly accompany him the rest of the paranoid-peril way: across the radioactive Blasted Lands on a magical train, then flipping into real-world California. See King's The Stand as well as lesser Straub. At the other extreme is a lot of King-style sentimentality and jokey vulgarity - with Jack's mind implausibly embracing four decades of pop-culture allusions.

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But, with some gripping sequences along the way and the double-whammy byline, this grandiose, meandering saga - echoing Oz, Alice, and Huck Finn - is sure to reach a massive audience. Kirkus Reviews. Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review.

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Harrison's righteous upbringing is perfectly suited for the task, save for one thing — he must overthrow his nemesis, the ruthless Governor of Concur, Lord Nigel Hammer. Garnering the support of the neighboring coastal villages and towns, as well as Aegeus' formidable allies, Argos and Arcadia, Harrison embarks on his noble quest.

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Adhering to the instructions of the Ancient Four Kings, the land's original Overlords, the young warrior finds he cannot shake one nagging thought: Can he win this battle? Over the years I have visited local schools, colleges, libraries, and writers' groups, encouraging everyone I meet to reach for their dreams.

I also hold workshops and give presentations on a wide range of writing, self-marketing, and self-promotion.