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In its most simple form, it takes a single argument -y and a tac file name. For example, you can run the above server with the command twistd -y service. By default, twistd daemonizes and logs to a file called twistd.

More usually, when debugging, you will want your application to run in the foreground and log to the command line. To run the above file like this, use the command twistd -noy service. For more information, see the twistd man page. This requires that a log observer factory be importable. Given a file named my.

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Invoking twistd --logger my. Alternatively, the logging behavior can be customized through an API accessible from. The ILogObserver component can be set on an Application in order to customize the default log observer that twistd will use.

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Here is an example of how to use DailyLogFile , which rotates the log once per day. Invoking twistd -y my. Twisted also provides pre-written IService implementations for common cases like listening on a TCP port, in the twisted. For example, TCPServer corresponds to reactor.

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See also the UDP documentation. IServiceCollection objects contain IService objects. MultiService is useful for creating a new Service which combines two or more existing Services. Twisted twisted To explain how to deploy your Twisted application using. To outline the existing Twisted services. For example: from twisted. The important part of this, the part that makes it a.

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